Clinical Waste

Normally clinical waste is produced by businesses, however if you're a private resident and have clinical waste please read our guidance on how to arrange disposal.

Examples of clinical waste include

  • Infectious bodily fluids including blood and tissue
  • Infected swabs and dressings
  • Syringes and needles

You do not need a clinical waste collection for the following types of waste which can be placed in your refuse bin. These items should be placed in a bin liner and securely tied before placing in your refuse bin.

  • Incontinence products
  • Stoma bags
  • Catheter bags
  • Dressings

If you need a Clinical Waste Collection or Replacement please use our online form. Alternatively contact us on 01279 655261, option 4.

For further guidance on the different lid colours, please see the Sharpak website

You will need to complete a Duty of Care form if you require regular collection. If the person in question has deceased, we advise you call and arrange a collection. Any unused medication should be given back to the point of issue who will be able to deal with it in the appropriate way.

If you think your waste is infectious your healthcare provider will need to contact us to confirm this before a separate collection can be arranged.

If you're a business, such as a doctors, dentist or vets please read our Trade Waste page for guidance on trade clinical waste.