Communal Properties

Communal properties share a bin or have a central collection point. If you live in a communal property your waste is collected on a weekly basis and your recycling is collected fortnightly.

We are unable to offer organic collections from communal properties at present which is why you receive a weekly collection of waste.

We offer recycling facilities to communal properties where it is possible to do so.

East Herts Council accepts cans, plastic, glass, cardboard, cartons and foil in one bin (marked mixed recycling), and paper in a separate one. It is important to remember we do not accept soft plastics. For further details on what can be recycled please read our Recycling Bin Collections page.  For further information, please see our Communal and Shared Waste and Recycling Services leaflet

If your development does not have bins for recycling and you would like them, please call us on 01279 655261 or contact

Extra Capacity

East Herts council will provide the required amount of refuse containers for communal properties.

  • Please use the bins sensibly and when one bin is full please use another bin which is partly full.
  • The bins will not be emptied if they are overfilled or obstructed by waste on the floor.
  • Please ensure that the refuse bins are not obstructed by vehicles on collection day. Our operatives can visit anytime from 7am until 5pm.
  • Electrical Items should be taken to your nearest Household Waste Recycling centre (tip).
  • Remember to advise us if the security codes, keys or key fobs for access to the bin areas have changed.

If you do not have enough capacity for your waste or recycling requirements please call 01279 655261 (ext. 7140) or see our contact us form to request an assessment of your bin store.