Bin Collection Changes

The council has agreed proposals to change how bins are collected in East Herts. This will reduce waste and increase recycling, make the services more effective and efficient and help keep service delivery costs as low as possible.

What is changing?

  • Damaged or lost 240L general waste bins are to be replaced with a new 180L refuse bin
  • The introduction of food waste to be collected from the kerbside weekly
  • Refuse bin collections to move to a three-weekly collection cycle 


The changes will:

  • Help increase the district’s recycling rate - recent analysis of refuse bins in East Herts found that 43% of the contents could be recycled.
  • Reduce waste by encouraging residents to free up space in their refuse bin.
  • Reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 60 tonnes as collection vehicles would be out for less time and cover a lower mileage
  • Save around £270k a year, a substantial reduction in the current landscape of rising costs and other pressures on council budgets


New 180L general waste bins will be rolled out gradually from early 2023 as and when existing bins need replacing. All other changes will come into effect in 2025.

More information 


Please visit our FAQ page for additional information.