Find your bin collection day

You can check your next bin (blue, black and garden waste) collection day by using our online address look up tool.

Please note:

  • We are unable to specify a specific time for collection, so you should ensure that your bins are placed in front of your property boundary before 7am to avoid a missed collection. 
  • Bin collection(s) can occur any time between 7am - 5pm. 
  • For most, your waste bin and recycling bin will be collected on alternate weeks, instead of every week – as reflected in the bin calendars.
  • Bin collections may change during public holidays so best to check using the address lookup tool nearer that time than relying on the bin calendar.
  • Use the address lookup to find out which bin calendar best suits your  collection pattern. 
  • The bin calendars only provides a guide into the most prevalent rotas.
  • If you pay for your garden waste to be collected - your collection date is included in the address look up tool above. 

Normal date for collections Amended collection date
Friday 15 April  Saturday 16 April
Monday 18 April Tuesday 19 April 
Tuesday 19 April  Wednesday 20 April
Wednesday 20 April Thursday 20 April
Thursday 21 April Friday 22 April
Friday 22 April Saturday 23 April

Collections return to normal Monday 25 April 

Normal date for collections Amended collection date
Monday 2 May Tuesday 3 May
Tuesday 3 May Wednesday 4 May
Wednesday 4 May Thursday 5 May
Thursday 5 May Friday 6 May
Friday 6 May Saturday 7 May

Collections return to normal Monday 9 May 2022 

Normal collection date Amended collection date
Thursday 2 June  Saturday 4 June
Friday 3 June Monday 6 June
Monday 6 June Tuesday 7 June
Tuesday 7 June Wednesday 8 June 
Wednesday 8 June Thursday 9 June
Thursday 9 June  Friday 10 June 
Friday 10 June  Saturday 11 June 

Collections return to normal on Monday 13 June