Due to operational issues deliveries of replacement containers are taking longer than usual. Thank you for your patience, we will get the delivery to you as soon as possible.

Request a replacement bin

This page gives information on how to request a replacement bin or box for your property or new build

To request a replacement bin for an existing property please use our online form

Before requesting a replacement bin

  • Please check with neighbours in case your bin it has just gone astray. If there is still no sign of the bin you can report it to us as “lost”.
  • In order for us to replace damaged bins they must be made available on the boundary of your property from the day you submit the request.
  • If you have an assisted collection, please leave the bin in the usual storage place.
  • Replacement bins are often reconditioned bins - all are refurbished and clean. Replacement bins are usually delivered within a fortnight.
  • Due to difficulties sourcing inner paper recycling boxes, we are currently sending slightly bigger kerbside paper boxes instead. These are easier to source and allow residents to recycle more paper.

Damaged bins

If your bin or box is damaged please use the online form to tell us where the damage has occurred - where possible original bins will be repaired for you to continue to use. If we cannot repair it you will be issued with a replacement. 

New build property bins

If you are moving into or already have moved into a new build property, please fill in a New Build Property Bin Request form
Bins are provided for refuse, mixed recycling and paper. Garden waste is a subscription service and there is a charge for these bins. Please read our garden waste information to take out a subscription.

Narrow access for bins

In some instances it may not be possible to provide you with a wheeled bin due to narrow access or access issues such as properties opening straight onto a main road. If this is the case we will provide refuse sacks clearly marked with the East Herts Logo and you will continue to have a weekly collection of waste. Your recycling collections will be made via kerbside boxes.