Due to a 40 % increase in planning applications we are experiencing difficultly processing planning applications within the statutory 8 or 13 week target set by government. 

You may see that we are continuing to determine applications that are in-time alongside applications beyond their statutory target date. Please be assured this does not mean your application isn’t an important priority for us. There will be a particular focus over the next month or so on working through the applications that have gone beyond their statutory target date including those that are currently unallocated starting with the oldest applications and working forward, and we will provide agents and applicants with an update on when they are likely to receive a decision on their application as soon as we are able to. 

During this time we are struggling to meet our obligations to deal with the majority of pre-application enquiries and provide responses to these and would therefore recommend that for any new enquiries you proceed directly to the submission of a planning application.


Planning and Building