Listed Buildings

A Listed Building is a building or structure of special architectural or historic interest. They are designated by the Secretary of State on the advice of Historic England.

Search for a Listed Building

To find out if your property is a Listed Building please use the East Herts Online Map.

Alternatively you can search Historic England's National Heritage List for England.

Works to Listed Building

Works to a Listed Building may require Listed Building Consent. For some repair works Listed Building Consent may not be necessary. You should contact the Council before undertaking any works to ensure that the proposed works are acceptable, and to check if Listed Building Consent is required. An application for Listed Building Consent must include a Heritage Statement. This is a two-stage document; the first stage should identify the significance of the heritage asset and the second stage should identify any harm to the listed building.

If you are thinking of undertaking any development that would affect a Listed Building, please take a look at our pre-application service.

To make an application please visit the Planning Portal.

The Council publishes some general heritage advice on repairs and alterations in our East Herts Heritage Guidance Notes

If you are experiencing damp and mould issues in a rented building please see the Damp and Mould guidance from our Housing team.