Due to a 40 % increase in planning applications we are experiencing difficultly processing planning applications within the statutory 8 or 13 week target set by government. 

You may see that we are continuing to determine applications that are in-time alongside applications beyond their statutory target date. Please be assured this does not mean your application isn’t an important priority for us. There will be a particular focus over the next month or so on working through the applications that have gone beyond their statutory target date including those that are currently unallocated starting with the oldest applications and working forward, and we will provide agents and applicants with an update on when they are likely to receive a decision on their application as soon as we are able to. 

During this time we are struggling to meet our obligations to deal with the majority of pre-application enquiries and provide responses to these and would therefore recommend that for any new enquiries you proceed directly to the submission of a planning application.


Make a Planning Application

Information on how to make a new Planning Application, including our pre-application advice service and fees.

Planning permission

Not all work will require planning permission. Check on the Planning Portal Interactive Guide to see what does and doesn't need planning permission. If your property is a listed building you must also apply for listed building consent. Planning permission may also be needed if your property lies within a Conservation area.

Pre-application advice

Prior to making a planning application you are encouraged to use our Pre-application Service. This will enable the Council to provide you with guidance on the acceptability of a proposal before you go to the expense of submitting a formal application.

Submitting applications online

The quickest and easiest way to apply & pay for a planning application on the Planning Portal

Planning obligations

Developer contributions, affordable housing and other obligations are usually necessary for major developments. Our Typical Section 106 Requirements gives details of what we normally require. The council has a template section 106 agreement.

Time frames for decisions

Each planning decision will be judged on its own merits so it is impossible to give a set time frame for decisions to be made. We do however aim to comply with statutory time limits set out on the Gov.UK website

Validation documents

The National Validation List for Planning and Listed Building Consent Applications and Local Validation Requirements for Planning and other applications lists the documents and information you needed to include with your planning application. 

Downloading application forms

If you prefer, you can also download all the planning application forms on the planning portal or via the Gov.UK website and submit them in hardcopy. Please note that we only require one hard copy of documents, with the exception of Major Commercial or Housing developments, where we require two copies.

Planning fees

The Guide to the Fees for Planning Applications in England lists the planning fees and charges.

The Planning Portal Fee Calculator takes you through a set of questions to help workout your planning application fee.

You can pay your fee online online.