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Trade Waste

We have a dedicated Trade Waste, including Clinical Waste, service for all commercial organisations based in the East Herts administrative area.

East Herts Council can collect commercial waste in pre-paid sacks or wheeled bin collections.

We offer the following bin sizes:

  • 240ltr Wheeled Bin
  • 360ltr Wheeled Bin
  • 660ltr Wheeled Bin (galvanised)
  • 1100ltr Wheeled bin (galvanised)

All bins can come complete with lockable lids and we can provide a collection frequency to suit your needs  For further details see our  Trade Waste Service [2Mb] Leaflet [1MB] .  For a quotation please complete our online trade waste quotation form  (Please note we do not currently have trade waste recycling).

Trade Waste Sacks

In some instances it may not be possible to provide customers with a wheeled bin due to limited access issues, in these situations we can provide pre-paid Trade Waste sacks clearly marked with the East Herts logo. These sacks come in rolls of 50 and our rate from 1 April 2018 is £95.00 per 50 sacks (collected).

Sacks can be delivered at a charge of £27.50 (your first delivery of the year is free of charge), sacks may also be collected from the Council offices also free of charge.

This service is also ideal for those who use the service intermittently or small business with minimal waste requirements.

Clinical Waste - Trade

Healthcare waste or clinical waste is not accepted in trade waste bins because it poses a threat of infection to humans and must be incinerated.

We offer a chargeable clinical waste collection service for businesses including doctors, dentists, clinics and tattooists.

Types of clinical waste include:

  • Human or animal tissue
  • Blood
  • Swabs or dressings
  • Syringes and needles

If you produce clinical waste we can provide your business with the sharps boxes or sacks and ensure the correct disposal

Clinical waste can be collected fortnightly in your area. To arrange a collection or for more information and costs, please call us on extension 7140


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