Fly-Tipping and Littering Queries

This page gives further information on fly tipping and littering within East Herts.

 I left my waste by a street bin, why is this flytipping?
Street bins are for smaller items such as Crisp Packets, drink cans etc. The bins should not be used to empty out your vehicle or leave bags of waste beside

The recycling centre was closed.
These are owned and maintained by Hertfordshire County Council. This page will tell you what sites are open, what you can take to the site and if containers are full or near capacity.

I have been offered a fixed penalty notice, what happens next?
Upon payment you have discharged your liability in the matter, however you may still be required to give evidence either by statement or in court if not the only party in the offence.

I am currently watching someone committing a flytip, should I call the council in the morning?
No, this is a crime in progress, please call 999, ask for Police and provide as much information as possible. DO NOT APPROACH!

I put my cooker on the street for the Scrap Metal Collector, why is this wrong?
The Scrap Metal collector (East Herts licensed collectors wear a badge round their neck) requires two licences, one being a Scrap Metal licence for the district they collect in and a waste carriage licence registered with the Environment Agency. They also need to supply you with a waste transfer note.

They told me they were licensed and showed me their business card, why am I in trouble?
Did you obtain a waste transfer note and did you make checks with the Environment Agency website? Also most legal and licensed waste carriers can now accept card instead of a cash payment. If a price seems too good to be true, then it usually means it will not be disposed of properly.

I live in the town and put black bags out and they have not been collected?
East Herts District Council operate a pink sack scheme for residents and these can be obtained by contacting our customer services team who will also let you know on which day they are due to be collected.

I put my cigarette out down the drain, why is this littering?
The law applies to the deposit of litter on land or water with one side open to the air. Therefore it’s going into the sewer system and this can cause blockages but also is still a deposit under the definition.

I was refused my van at the tip when I took my home improvement waste there?
Have you applied for a Van and Trailer permit on the Hertfordshire website, it’s free and allows you 12 visits

Someone knocked on my door offering to take my waste, I felt intimidated and I didn’t want to say No
If you feel intimidated by any door knocking from anyone offering to do work, make an excuse, close the front door and contact Police.

I was stopped in my van for business and had waste from a job in the back that I was taking home to dispose of
You cannot put commercial/business waste in your domestic bin, this is a transfer and you need a waste carriage licence to transport it.

If you have any further questions that you want answered or any advice from our enforcement team, please contact us 

East Herts Council Officers now wear bodycams whilst patrolling and throughout investigations.