Adopt an Area

The councils contractor currently litter picks and clean areas depending on how heavily they get used. That said, we do know that people will sadly continue to drop litter in between these times. We are therefore looking to support those of you who would like to adopt an area.

This can be your street, neighbourhood or even dog walking route. This doesn’t mean we will no longer visit, we will continue with our street cleansing operations but it means that between our visits you are providing some extra love and attention to your area and keeping it litter free.

You choose how often you want to do this and what area you cover. All you need to do is advise us what area this might be and how regularly you think you might want to litter pick it (this will give us an idea on the amount of litter you might be collecting)

Many local groups have already started doing this and have created maps that show which areas have been adopted, we are happy to put you in touch with these groups if you wish.  Or if you wish to join and support our Adopt an area, please see below for details and get in touch via the form below to get involved.

We currently do not have any litter pickers available however these can be purchased from a number of places including DIY stores or from Keep Britain Tidy by visiting: or other outlets.

We will also provide support as to what to do when you encounter fly-tipping or items you cannot litter pick. We can however provide you with sacks and a hi-vis as well as support in disposing of the litter you have collected. 

We will remove the litter you collect when we come and empty your refuse bin. If the litter picked material cannot fit in your refuse bin then we ask that you present it at the side of your refuse bin, on your scheduled fortnightly collection, in the bags provided to you. Our crews will know you are an ‘adopt an area’ volunteer and will be instructed to remove these bags at the point of collection (as you are aware we do not accept waste that does not fit in the bin from residents so it is important that the bags issued to you are used) we just ask that you do not place broken glass in these bags.

We do ask that you limit the material to 3 bags per fortnight. If you find you are collecting more than this, we may need to make a separate arrangement with you for the collection of this. 

If you are able to, then we would love for you to be able to recycle any materials that can be placed in your recycling bin. This includes cans, tins, plastic bottles, dry paper and cardboard you may collect. Because of the way recyclables are processed we cannot collect them in plastic bags so ask that you include them in your bin if possible. We can issue you with an additional kerbside box for litter picked recyclables should you wish*

Your safety is our main concern. Please ensure you read the guidance attached on how to litter pick safely. It is important you read the guidance for litter pickers which is attached or can be found here. Below are some key points from our guidance we would like you to consider at all times:

  • Only pick on public land – no garage areas, private land or land managed by housing associations .
  • Keep away from slippery, steep or crumbling banks.
  • If you are litter picking along road sides, wear hi-vis and please only do this where there is a dedicated footpath. 
  • Please only include cans, tins, plastic bottles, dry paper and cardboard for recycling
  • Remember glass should not be presented in bags for collection (broken glass can cut through the bag and potentially cut you or one of the collection staff)
  • Always pick items one-by-one with the equipment. Do not scoop handfuls of litter as this may contain needles or sharp objects.
  • Please only pick items which can fit inside the bags provide. Anything larger such as fridges, tyres, gas bottles etc should be left and reported to the council for removal via our fly tipping form
  • If you are litter picking alone please also consider carefully where you will be going and at what time. Do not litter pick in the dark. 

If you are interested in volunteering to carry out litter picking to keep your adopted area clear of litter, please complete our adopt an area form.

Volunteering will not reduce the scheduled cleaning already undertaken by the Council.