Other Council Tax Discounts and Disregards

There is a range of other Council Tax discounts and disregards available for a wide range of people.
  • Child Benefit in Payment-Where a resident is aged 18 years or over, but is entitled to child benefit, they are disregarded for Council Tax purposes.
  • Detention-A person can be disregarded for Council Tax purposes if they are detained in a prison, hospital or any other place under a court order
  • Residents of Certain Dwellings - Hostels or Night Shelter-If you're sole or main residence is a hostel or night shelter you will not normally need to pay Council Tax. In these cases it is normally the person who owns the hostel or night shelter who will be liable to pay Council Tax.
  • Severely Mentally Impaired - If a person living at a property is classed as "severely mentally impaired", and they live with other people, that person is disregarded from Council Tax.

Other less common disregards