Residents of Certain Dwellings - Hostels or Night Shelter

If you're sole or main residence is a hostel or night shelter you will not normally need to pay Council Tax.

You will be disregarded for Council tax purposes if your sole or main residence:

  • currently provides residential accommodation - such as a hostel or night shelter and
  • the accommodation is predominantly provided in non-self contained units, for persons on no fixed abode and no settled way of life, and under licences to occupy that do not constitute a tenancy agreement.

In these cases it is normally the person who owns the hostel or night shelter who will be liable to pay Council Tax.

Please note: Failing to supply information or supplying false information could result in a penalty of £70 being applied to your account for each year of the failure to notify.

If you would like to tell us about a change in circumstance that means you no longer qualify for a discount or exemption, please see our change in circumstances form