Food Bank donations & help

There are various options for donating or receiving food and drink throughout the District.

Hertford & District food bank

Foodbank have created a specific page for local advice around Hertford. To learn more about the local Hertford & District food bank including donation times and how they work then visit the Foodbank website.

Bishop's Stortford food bank

If you are a resident living closer or in Bishop's Stortford then there is a Food Bank is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings between 10am and 12:30 pm where you can donate at Stortford's Methodist Church.

Bishop's Stortford Food Bank - Telephone: 07432 785976

There is also another which is located at:

19 Haymeads Lane,
Bishop's Stortford,
CM23 5JJ
Contact Name: MR Keith Squirrell
Telephone: 01279 835896

You can donate any in-date foods virtually in all supermarkets, normally at exits after purchasing your weekly shop there is a donation box for food which is easily accessible. Supermarket collections are one of the main ways that food is donated to help those in crisis. If you wish to contribute then try visiting your local supermarket: Tesco, Sainsbury's, Co-op or even Asda - all of which are known to be working with food banks like Fareshare.

If you would like to know more about how the foods donated help those in need and processes behind it all visit the Farshare website.