Information and Evidence needed for Claims

In order to process your Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support claim as quickly as possible, we need certain information and evidence from you to support your claim.

Remember when making a claim

  • Always provide evidence of your income and capital and any other relevant information
  • Always complete and submit your form as soon as possible
  • Always provide any evidence requested as soon as possible

We need the same evidence for your partner, if you have one, and for any other adults living in your home.

You will be asked to provide identification for yourself along with proof of your National Insurance Number when making a new claim.

If you are unable to provide photo identification, please provide two of the following:

  • P45 or P60
  • Wage slip
  • Tax letter
  • DWP notification letter
  • National Insurance card

  • Current valid passport
  • National Identity card issued by a European Economic Area member state
  • Full Driving Licence
  • UK Residence permit
  • Marriage certificate
  • Recent gas or electric bill
  • Divorce or annulment papers
  • Certificate of employment in HM forces
  • Certificate of employment in the Merchant Navy
  • Wage slip from current employer
  • P714 (Tax Certificate)
  • Birth certificate
  • Life insurance policy
  • Benefit award letter from DWP
  • Medical card
  • Current Home Office letter
  • Letter from solicitor, social worker, probation officer or doctor

Evidence of income and capital

What we needWhat you need to supply
Earnings This means for each job - your last 5 payslips if you are paid every week, your last 3 payslips if you are paid every 2 weeks, or your last 2 payslips if you are paid every month. If you do not have these ask us for a 'employers’ certificate of earnings' this form must be completed by your employer and must include a company stamp.
Self Employed IncomeSelf-employed accounts for the last financial year or, if you have been trading for less than 6 months, a summary of your trading records so far.
State benefits and pensionDepartment for Works and Pension notification letter for the current award.
Bank statement showing the payments going in.
Occupational pensionPayslips / Pension slip notifications
Letter from your former employer
Tax CreditsInland Revenue notification letter - All PAGES
Universal CreditFull breakdown of your most recent assessment period to show all elements and deductions
MaintenanceLetter from Child Support Agency or a letter from payer
Other incomeLetter showing the amount and frequency
Student grant / loanCurrent grant / loan award letter including a full breakdown of the type of grant
Childcare payments Completion in full of our Child Care Earnings Disregard Form, detailing term time/holiday payments along with the childcare providers OFSTED registration number
Proof of capital
  • Up to date bank statements covering the last 2 months. If you do not have these you can request a balance print out from your bank until your statements arrive but you must still provide them.
  • Share certificates
  • National savings certificates
  • Premium bonds
  • ISAs, Tessas
  • Documentary evidence of any other type of capital
Second propertiesEvidence of the current valuation and the amount of the second home

What we needWhat you need to supply
Tenancy AgreementAll pages of signed tenancy agreement
Proof of RentMost recent rent increase letter