Food Bank donations and help

There are various options for donating or receiving food and drink throughout the District.

How to receive food

If you are facing a crisis situation and you need food and toiletries but can’t afford to buy them, then the first thing you need to do is to phone one of the agencies below.  They will ask you about your situation and then complete a ‘virtual voucher’ for you and email it to the Food Bank.  If food is available, they will deliver your parcel to your home address. Strict social distancing will be observed. 

Some of the agencies to contact in a crisis:
Citizens Advice:  01920 459 944 
One YMCA:  01279 838068 

Please do not go to the Food Bank for a food parcel as they are unable to deal with enquiries in person due to the coronavirus rules.
Follow them on Facebook (@bsfoodbank) to keep up to date with Food Bank notices, updates, urgent requests etc.  

How to donate food

You can donate foods in most local supermarkets after purchasing your weekly shop, there is a box for food donations which is easily accessible. Supermarket collections are one of the main ways that food is donated to help those in crisis - Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose are all working with Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank.

Find out more about the Bishop's Stortford food bank (including where it is, opening times and how to donate by visiting the Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank website.

We are currently most in need of the following items:-
•    Tinned Vegetables
•    Tinned Tomatoes
•    Pasta and Pasta Sauces
•    Jam and Marmalade, Marmite and Honey
•    Long Life Fruit Juice
•    Long life Milk
•    Tea Bags and Coffee
•    Tinned Meat and Fish
•    Savoury snacks
•    Biscuits
•    Beans, spaghetti and soup
•    Long dated cereals
•    Any toiletries (particularly shampoo and shower gel)
•    Washing up liquid
•    Washing liquid or tablets (for washing machines).

Hertford and District food bank

Foodbank have created a specific page for local advice around Hertford. To learn more about the local Hertford and District food bank including donation times and how they work then visit the Hertford and District foodbank website.

Bishop's Stortford food bank
Email: bsfoodbank.coordinator
Telephone: 07432 785976

c/o Bishop's Stortford Methodist Church
      34b South Street
      Bishop's Stortford
      Hertfordshire     CM23 3AZ

Treasurer: Jim Tatchell at or telephone: 07412 941966