Change in Circumstances

It is important that you tell us about any change that may affect your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support entitlement within 4 weeks of the change. Any delay in telling us could seriously affect your Benefit.

To report a change in circumstances (including a change of address), please complete visit our forms and leaflets page and select the Change in Circumstance form. 

Please note, you don't need to inform us of:

  • Changes in the age of any member of the family or non-dependant
  • Changes in the regulations

Changes you must tell us about


  • Changes in any of your income, e.g. wage increase, pension increase etc.
  • Increase/ decrease in capital of you or your family
  • If you start or stop receiving Income Support or other benefits e.g. JobSeekers Allowance,Tax Credits etc.

Household details

  • If someone comes to live with you
  • If someone living with you moves out
  • If circumstances of someone living with you change (non-dependent income increase/ decrease etc)


  • Your rent changes
  • You move to a new address
  • You or your partner go into hospital

Personal Details

  • Date a child leaves school or Child Benefit stops
  • Date if you have another child

You can provide proof of Child Benefit to the Council to support your benefit claim using the facility provided by the DWP/HRMC. You can capture the information regarding your Child Benefit and email it to to support applications.