Change in Circumstances

It is important that you tell us about any change that may affect your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support entitlement within 4 weeks of the change. Any delay in telling us could seriously affect your Benefit.

To report a change in circumstances (including a change of address), please complete our Change in Circumstances form.

Once you have completed the form(s) you will need to post it back to us together with any original documents proving the change in circumstances. We can't accept photocopies.

Please note, you don't need to inform us of:

  • Changes in the age of any member of the family or non-dependant
  • Changes in the regulations

Changes you must tell us about


  • Changes in any of your income, e.g. wage increase, pension increase etc.
  • Increase/ decrease in capital of you or your family
  • If you start or stop receiving Income Support or other benefits e.g. JobSeekers Allowance,Tax Credits etc.

Household details

  • If someone comes to live with you
  • If someone living with you moves out
  • If circumstances of someone living with you change (non-dependent income increase/ decrease etc)


  • Your rent changes
  • You move to a new address
  • You or your partner go into hospital

Personal Details

  • Date a child leaves school or Child Benefit stops
  • Date if you have another child

You can provide proof of Child Benefit to the Council to support your benefit claim using the facility provided by the DWP/HRMC. You can capture the information regarding your Child Benefit and email it to to support applications.