Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support helps people to pay their Council Tax.

For working age residents who require financial support, this scheme is calculated on 91.5% of your council tax liability after any discounts ( for example single persons discount). This means that all working age residents have to pay at least 8.5% of the net liability.

For pension age residents who require financial support, this scheme is calculated on 100% of your council tax liability after discounts. 

If there is a change in your circumstances i.e. are no longer eligible for a council tax support or you have now become a single person in a household. To inform us of any changes please see our forms and leaflets page and select our change in circumstances form. 

Pension Credit is an underclaimed benefit, separate to the State Pension. Pension Credit tops up weekly income to a guaranteed minimum level of £201.05 a week for single pensioners or £306.85 for couples. It is a tax-free payment for those who:

  • have reached Pension Credit qualifying age, which is State Pension age
  • live in Great Britain

Someone may still get Pension Credit if they: 

  • have not paid National insurance contributions
  • have some savings or a small pension
  • live with their grown-up family
  • own their own home 

People who are eligible for Pension Credit can also get other financial help such as help with heating costs, housing benefit and a free TV licence for over 75s. 

Find out more on GOV.UK

How to claim 

If you claim Universal Credit or Employment and Support Allowance, Department of Work and Pensions will normally tell the Council, however you must still complete our Council Tax Support form.

Council Tax Support is paid direct to your Council Tax account.

To claim please visit our forms and leaflets page and select the Council Tax Support Claim Form.

Council Tax Support payments cover Council Tax only; it cannot cover court costs, bailiff fees or the cost of paying at a Post Office. For more information around Council Tax, please see our Council Tax Section.

Council Tax Support is normally awarded from the Monday following the day your claim is received by the Benefit Service at East Herts Council.

However, the law allows us to award Support from an earlier date if you have a good reason (good cause) for not applying earlier.

We can only backdate your Council Tax Support up to 6 months from the date you ask us to, and you must give a good reason why this should be done.

If you or your partner have reached pension credit age, your claim covers any period in the three months before the day the claim is actually received - but only back to the day they reached pension credit age, or the day they became liable for rent or Council Tax, if these are later.

To make a claim for backdated Council Tax Support please visit our forms and leaflets page and select 'Backdated Benefits and Reduction' form. 

We will write to you within 14 days. If your claim is refused, details of how to appeal will be sent to you.

For further information please see the Council Tax Reduction Scheme document.

Information and evidence required for Council Tax Support claims

Before making a claim please read our Information and Evidence needed for claims page, to ensure you are including everything we need to process your claim as quickly as possible.

Other Support

You may be eligible for other discounts or disregards depending on your circumstances. For more information, please see our disregards section within Council Tax