Discretionary Housing Payments

Discretionary Housing Payment may be awarded, in addition to any welfare benefits, when a Local Authority considers that a claimant requires further financial assistance towards housing costs. To be eligible for this additional help you must already be receiving Housing Benefit (HB) or have Housing Costs included in your Universal Credit (UC).

Each year the Government gives local authorities money to help customers who don’t receive maximum housing benefit or UC–housing costs and who suffer hardship as a result.

The various types of shortfalls that a DHP can cover include (but not limited to) the following:

  • reductions in HB or UC-Housing Costs where the benefit cap has been applied
  • reductions in HB or UC-Housing Costs following the removal of spare room subsidy in the social rented sector
  • reductions in HB or UC-Housing Costs as a result of local housing allowance restrictions
  • rent officer restrictions such as local reference rent or shared room rate

There are only limited funds available which means if we can help you it is usually only for a short period of time, normally not exceeding 3 months. Some people may qualify for longer term support.

Claim a Discretionary Housing Payment

To apply please complete our Discretionary Housing Payment application

Anyone who is currently claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit–Housing Costs and requires more help with rental/housing costs can apply.