Grazing cattle moove back to East Herts parks

Grazing cattle arrive at Pishiobury Park
East Herts District Council is excited to announce that the grazing cattle have returned to Pishiobury Park in Sawbridgeworth and Red, White and Blue in Bishop’s Stortford (to the north of Grange Paddocks).

In keeping with the Government’s Environmental Stewardship scheme, the aim of grazing in these parks is to restore them to their original, natural glory, and to increase plant and wildlife diversity. Grazing has an important role as a sustainable management tool to protect our most sensitive and valuable historic landscapes.

Familiar to residents of East Herts from previous stays in our parks, Longhorns and British Whites have been introduced into the spaces, to be managed by expert breeders and graziers from Maydencroft, a leading conservation service based on a working farm in Hitchin (Maydencroft Manor Farm). The graziers are keen to engage with the public about the cattle and will be present at both sites.

Breeds identical to these have grazed parks across the country since the 1750s and have been bred over the centuries to graze native grasses and wildflowers without the need for intensive grassland management using fertilisers and pesticides. The Longhorn cattle bred at Maydencroft Manor Farm are noted for being particularly docile and relaxed around children, and even dogs (though they should be kept under control and on a lead around grazing cattle).

Tim Hoskin, Executive Member for Environmental Stability, said, “We are delighted to be continuing our grazing efforts in these beautiful East Herts parks. The cattle have always proved popular with residents, offering them a fantastic opportunity to see the cattle up close in a familiar landscape. The animals will be doing invaluable work, whilst also providing excellent opportunities to raise awareness and inform people about the importance of environmental stability. We hope they enjoy their stay!”

Although managed by different graziers, the addition of cattle to more parks across the district this summer can be expected.

Residents are encouraged to contact the graziers for further information about the cattle in our parks, or to report an issue with the cattle in Pishiobury Park or Red, White and Blue.