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East Hertfordshire faces a wide and diverse range of housing challenges, both familiar and newly arising. Homelessness, poor housing conditions and an insufficient supply of affordable homes continue to pose challenges. We also see new challenges emerging due to demographic and population trends and changes brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Published 10th August 2021
East Herts residents with no radiators in their homes could be eligible for a free installation of efficient gas-powered central heating to keep homes warm while reducing energy bills. 
Published 6th August 2020
East Herts Council has published a draft Charter for the Gilston Area – part of Harlow and Gilston Garden Town – setting out guidance on how masterplans for the villages and the important network of green spaces that will surround them should be approached when they come forward as planning applications.
Published 17th February 2020
East Herts residents will be able to see plans around the Harlow & Gilston Garden Town transport strategy with three Getting Around in the Garden Town engagement events scheduled for later this month.
Published 11th February 2020
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New information has been submitted to support the application on land to the East of Stevenage (03/19/0118/OUT).
Published 11th September 2019