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Cartoon image of family for Clean Air day
Volunteers will take to the streets of East Herts throughout June at anti-idling events in support of Clean Air Day, educating motorists on the need to switch off their engines when stopped. These events are being supported by the Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership (HCCSP), of which East Herts is a member, through training and the provision of resources to communicate with motorists.
Published 9th June 2022
Cllr John Wyllie, Cllr Diane Hollebon and Cllr Graham McAndrew pictured planting Sakura trees in St Michaels Mead
Cllr Diane Hollebon, accompanied by Cllr Graham McAndrew and Cllr John Wyllie, attended a special ceremony in St Michaels Mead last week (28 January) to plant more cherry trees from the Sakura Project in Bishop’s Stortford; to celebrate relations between Japan and the UK.
Published 1st February 2022
Cllr David Snowdon; Julie Marson MP and Cllr Graham McAndrew pictured at Grange Paddocks planting the first Sakura cherry tree
A special ceremony was held at Grange Paddocks – East Herts' new leisure centre in Bishop’s Stortford – on Saturday, to commemorate the planting of five cherry trees donated by the Sakura project, which celebrates relations between Japan and the UK.
Published 26th January 2022