Top tips to save water as precious supplies run low

rain drop in a water butt
East Herts council is urging residents to consider their water use carefully as drought conditions continue across the region.

Whilst the main water supplier to our area, Affinity Water, has not imposed restrictions as water companies have done in other areas, it is asking everyone to use water wisely and conserve supplies to avoid bans next year.

Top tips to save water include:

  • Load it up – only run your washing machine and dishwasher with a full load
  • Use a bowl to wash up and reuse the water on your houseplants and garden
  • Avoid washing the car – try a waterless car wash solution and microfibre cloth instead
  • Contact Affinity Water to claim free water saving gadgets for your home, including eco shower heads and timers.

Eric Buckmaster, Executive Member for Wellbeing at East Herts District Council, said: “There are simple things we can all do every day to reduce our water usage – from shortening showers to turning off the tap when brushing our teeth – it all saves a lot more than you think.

“One of the changes that will make the biggest difference – and which I have adopted personally – is hanging up the hosepipe; it uses as much water as an average family consumes in a day and a half! I would encourage everyone to try a watering can or water butt instead.”

For more information and water saving tips, visit the Affinity Water website: