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We are aware that a small number of users are experiencing problems using our pay and display machines where some buttons have become unresponsive. The matter is being investigated by the machine supplier. Please call us on 01279 502009 (Monday - Friday 08:30 - 1700) if you need assistance

Details of council owned car parks in East Herts, how to pay or challenge a penalty charge notice (parking ticket) and how to apply for resident parking permits.

Pay a PCN

If you would like to pay a PCN, please use the following link. You may also make payment by using the 24 hour automated telephone payment line at 03300 883862

Challenge a PCN

If you would like to challenge a PCN, please manage online here

Parking Enforcement Guidelines

East Herts has produced the following information to cover the majority of the circumstances that regularly occur in emails, letters, representations, telephone calls or appeals to the Adjudicator.

Resident Parking Permits

East Herts Council manage a number of resident permit parking schemes within certain areas of the district to ensure local residents have the opportunity to park within close proximity to their household. A residents permit will be valid for 12 months and after this time, we will email you to see if you would like to renew your permit which is the same as the price as new application.

Parking Dispensations

A Parking Dispensation can be issued when a motorist needs to park in an area where parking restrictions are in place. This would allow a vehicle to park lawfully in what would otherwise be a contravention of a Traffic Regulation Order.

Parking Reports

The council submits an annual report to the Department for Transport, showing statistics relating to the Enforcement of On-Street restrictions.

Parking Traffic Regulation Orders

Parking restrictions in the district, and the conditions of use of permitted parking areas, are defined in Traffic Regulation Orders. If a new restriction is introduced, a new Traffic Regulation Order must be created in order to give the restriction legal authority.

Parking for Stansted Airport

There are various options for parking at Stansted Airport. If you think that someone is misusing residents or on-street parking in order to park you can report it to Stansted airport on 0800 731 2385.

Blue Badge - Disability Parking Permit

You can apply for a blue badge on the Hertfordshire County Council website.