Community Event Guidance

This page contains information about the Safety Advisory Group and how to contact them for advice and guidance if you are planning on holding an event which involves a large gathering of people.

Safety Advisory Group

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is made up of senior officers from all the emergency services (police, fire and rescue, ambulance, NHS Trust) as well as East Herts Council, Hertfordshire County Council and other relevant organisations.

The group meets regularly to consider forthcoming events and to give advice to organisers.

If you're planning to hold an event which involves a large gathering of people, the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) would like you to provide details about the event. This will allow the group to assist with the planning and provide you with advice on a range of issues including safety, street closures and licences that may be required.

Please note that the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) does not grant formal permission to organisers for public events. The SAG does not accept any liability for any loss or damage at any event.


Safety Advisory Group guidance notes

We also have guidance notes which aim to help everyone who organises an event to ensure they run safely.

Guide to Safe and Successful Events [1MB]


Road closures

Please note, if you require a road closure, you can make an application for a temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) for road closures via HCC Highways. For further information on TTROs, please visit the Temporary traffic regulation orders page on the Hertfordshire County Council website.  

Road closures, that meet any of the following criteria, will need to be applied for via a TTRO: 

  • A or B roads
  • Rolling Closures
  • High Speed roads are affected 
  • Road closures where a diversion route would need to be signed as alternatives are not obvious or where duration of closures could be problematic without a diversion.
  • Bus routes, where buses are in operation at the time of the closure

Even if you require a road closure via Hertfordshire Highways, please also complete this form to let the Safety Advisory Group know about your event.  We kindly request that event notification forms are received within 12 weeks of your event.



Event Notification Form 

To tell the SAG about your event and request a road closure please complete our Event Notification Request form.