Dead Animals

Depending on where you find a dead animal, we may be able to help with removing it. You should inform the police on 999 if there is a large dead or injured animal obstructing traffic and it is a danger to road users.

Accidents must also be reported to the Police if they involve a dog, goat, cattle, ass, sheep, horse, mule or pig.

The removal of dead animals from private land is the duty of the landowner.

If there is a dead animal at the side of the road within East Herts please complete our online form below to report it and we will arrange for it to be removed.

Usually the bodies of domestic pets will be retained for a day or so (depending upon their condition), to allow time for their owners to collect them, should they so wish.

East Herts Council scans dead domestic pets to see whether they have an electronic tag. We use the tag number to obtain the owners contact details. We also keep a record of all dead domestic pets we collect and, as far as possible, this is matched against the log of all animals reported missing to the Council.

To report a dead animal please complete our online form. If you are unable to use this form, please see our Contact Us page (opens in a new tab).