Chantry Shared use parking virtual permits

A limited number of shared use permits are available to purchase on a first come first served basis in the following marked areas in the centre of Bishop's Stortford. Details on whether you are eligible and how to apply can be found on this page.

Rye Street Service Road and Barrells Down Road

The map above highlights Rye Street Service Road and certain parts of Barrells Down Road (between Whitehall Road and Lindsey Road).

Virtual permits cost £400 per year. 10-15 minutes walk from the town centre.

Elm Road, Chantry Road and Chantry Close

The map above highlights certain parts of Elm Road, Chantry Road and Chantry Close.

Virtual permits cost £600 per year. 5-10 minutes walk from the town centre.

Permit holders may park in bays marked with the below sign circled in red in the relevant road allocated by the parking office and advised to the permit holder by email.

Permit holders street sign ' Business permit holders Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm' circled in red.

The picture above is of a Permit holders sign. At the bottom it reads Business Permit holders. Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm.

Terms & Conditions

  • The virtual parking permit is valid Monday to Friday.
  • The virtual parking permit will be valid for a 12-month period from the date of issue
  • We do not send renewal reminders. It is the responsibility of the virtual permit holder to take note of the expiry date and to renew their virtual permit in good time if required.
  • To renew the permit, please call 01279 655261 ext 3507
  • There is no automatic entitlement to renew a permit once expired.
  • This virtual permit entitles the bearer to park in the specific road as confirmed by EHDC admin
  • The virtual parking permit is vehicle specific and is valid for a specific vehicle ONLY
  • If your vehicle registration number changes or you need to use a different vehicle such as a courtesy car, you must park elsewhere until the details of your virtual parking permit have been amended and you have received confirmation of the change of registration from the Council.
  • Only bays marked as ‘Business Permit Holders’ can be used with this virtual parking permit
  • You cannot use your permit to park where other restrictions apply such as yellow lines
  • You must not park obstructing dropped kerbs or resident driveways
  • The virtual permit is only valid in vehicles under 2.3m high and 5.3m long (no larger than a transit van)

If you are happy to proceed and understand the above Terms & Conditions, please contact us via to register an interest