Roof Down And Stage Set For Growth & Legacy Development At Hertford Theatre

inside main auditorium now under construction
Work on the growth and legacy development of Hertford Theatre - to transform it into a thriving hub for arts and culture - is progressing well with enabling works and archaeological assessments complete and first phase of construction now underway.

The roof has officially come down on the main auditorium to make way for its new metal seam roof with enhanced environmental and acoustic performance.  

The new covering will be waterproof, incorporating a layer of insulation, that will upgrade its thermal performance to above the current building standards, and is part of the sustainability strategy to help minimise heat loss.  The benefits also include better acoustics during performances.    

The development will reuse as many materials as practically possible and the existing roof trusses are being retained, and repaired where required, and will be partially exposed inside the main auditorium giving a visual sense of the old within the new.

 A new, low energy, electrical system is being installed that will save energy and reduce our carbon emissions; along with a new modern booking, ticketing, and payment system to improve ease of access for visitors.

The Project Board, that consists of members of the Executive, officers from East Herts District Council and representatives of Hertford Theatre, hosted its monthly meeting on-site yesterday (2 November) to give members the opportunity to see first-hand the progression that has been made in recent months.

East Herts Executive Member for Wellbeing, Eric Buckmaster, was part of the visit, he said:

“The growth and legacy development of Hertford Theatre to transform it into a thriving centre for arts and culture will revitalise the town and become an important hub in the heart of the community for generations to come.    

“I was delighted to experience first-hand the progress that has been made in such a relatively short space of time and see how things are beginning to take shape.  We also got a glimpse of the foundations being laid for the new dress circle that will increase the seating capacity in the main auditorium from 400 to 550 seats.  

“The new roof structure, use of no gas and installation of a modern electrical system are part of the plans to reduce the operational carbon footprint of the development.  All of this will ensure that we not only have a facility that’s fit for purpose for many years to come but one that offers modern and improved facilities for visitors.”   

For further information on the development visit Hertford Theatre. 

Whilst the transformation of Hertford Theatre is under construction the team are keeping busy preparing their annual Christmas show – The Snowsmith - taking place at The Drill Hall in Ware; and continuing the programme of educational outreach work in partnership with a number of local schools and education providers.