Calculate your Benefit

If you pay rent or Council Tax you may be eligible for support. Our online calculator will give you an estimate of your potential benefit.

Online Benefits Claim and Calculator

You can use our online Benefits Claim and Calculator to check if you might be eligible for Housing Benefit and or Council Tax Support.

You will not be eligible if you:

  • pay rent to a close relative who lives in the same property, ie your parents or
  • have over ¬£16,000 in capital (unless you are in receipt of guarantee pension credit). This includes savings, investments and some property and land.

How and When to Claim

Housing Benefit has been replaced by Universal credit for all working age customers, with a few exceptions. Please see our make a benefit claim page for more details

Council Tax Support claims must be submitted directly to the Council. To assess whether you may be eligible, please see our Council Tax claim page as soon as possible.

In addition to Council Tax Support, you may also be eligible for further Council Tax discounts which are not means tested. The most common discount is the Single Person Discount which offers single residents in a property a 25% discount. To make an application for this, please see our Single Person Discount Form

You can view discount types via the Council Tax page

Customer Charter

You can download and read a copy of the Benefits Customer Charter [85KB] .