Second Adult Rebate

This is a Benefit for people who are solely liable for Council Tax, but do not get a single person discount because there are other adults living in the property.

It is based on the income of the other adults living in your home and can be as much as 25% of your Council Tax liability. If you are already getting Council Tax Benefit we will calculate both Benefits and you will receive the one that gives you the most rebate.

The following are a few examples of people who would be eligible:

  • A single man who is liable for Council Tax, has his adult daughter, who is receiving Income Support, living with him
  • A couple, one of whom is a full time mature student, have their two sons living with them, both of whom work but are on low incomes

The following are a few examples of people who would not be eligible.

  • A couple who have no other people living in their home
  • A single person who is liable for Council Tax, who has a boarder or sub-tenant
  • A couple if neither partner is disregarded for Council Tax

These are just a few examples - if you are unsure if you would qualify, please contact the office and we will be pleased to advise you.

To apply, please complete our Second Adult Rebate form.