Real-time Air Quality Monitors Installed In Locations of Particular Concern

Councillor Tim Hoskin At Hockerill Junction Beneath A New Air Scan Monitor
East Herts Council has installed Airscan monitors in three areas in East Herts where air quality does not meet national clean air standards: Bishop’s Stortford (Hockerill Junction), Hertford (Gascoyne Way) and Sawbridgeworth (London Road).

The monitors will provide real-time information on the polluting gases and particulates in the atmosphere, enabling air pollution levels to be continuously measured.

In recent years, the council has worked to tackle air pollution at these locations by installing electric vehicle chargers to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles, by replacing all its diesel vans with electric vehicles and by introducing the strictest emission standards in the county for taxis. Additionally, the council has collaborated with Hertfordshire County Council to promote anti-idling and has installed smart traffic lights at Hockerill junction to help improve traffic flows.

Councillor Tim Hoskin, Executive Member for Environmental Sustainability said: “The council has listened to residents’ requests for real-time air quality information and has acted by installing real-time monitors for the first time in Bishop’s Stortford and Sawbridgeworth and by adding a second monitor in Hertford. The information reported by these monitors will afford residents the opportunity to plan their journeys more effectively and more sustainably."

“Addressing air pollution around Hockerill Junction, Gascoyne Way and London Road has been an issue on the council’s radar for some time. Unfortunately, the pollution levels remain a significant problem today. The readings from these monitors will provide vital data, which will aid us in measuring the impact of future interventions.”

East Herts Council’s 2023 - 2029 Air Quality Action Plan outlines our intent to improve air quality across the district. These actions include the development of a local walking and cycling infrastructure plan, collaboration with Hertfordshire County Council in exploring how to minimise congestion and the promotion of public transport use, as well as electric car uptake.

The Airscan monitors have been funded by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) as part of the council’s Breathe Clean campaign, which is helping schools and businesses develop travel plans to minimise reliance on cars for shorter trips.