East Herts and North Herts Councils Launch Video Campaign To Promote Paper Recycling

Paige the paper recycling mascot
There is a new member of the recycling team! Paige features in a new video campaign to promote paper recycling which has been launched by East Herts Council and North Herts Council’s Shared Waste Service to highlight the important impact residents can have by separating out paper from their recycling.

In the video Paige walks viewers through the journey of sorted paper from when we collect it from people’s homes to its delivery to our transfer station in Buntingford, and then onward to be recycled into newsprint and other new paper products. This is not only beneficial for the environment, but it also helps to keep the costs of running services down as separate paper has a much higher resale value than if placed in the mixed recycling bin. 

Councillor Tim Hoskin, Executive Member for Environmental Sustainability, said, “This video campaign aims to clarify the paper recycling process in East Herts, whilst also encouraging residents that even small acts, such as sorting the paper from their recycling, can have a majorly beneficial impact on environmental sustainability.

Additionally, by preventing contamination in the recycling process, residents are also helping to ensure the council can receive as much income as possible from the resale of paper, therefore generating more income for essential council services. In this case, doing a little will certainly go a long way.”

The video is available to watch on North Herts Council's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SufK7mK-450