Council campaign supports residents in saving up to £720 a year

WorthSaving campaign launch
This week East Herts Council is launching a campaign to support the #WorthSaving initiative which aims to tackle the issue of avoidable food waste by encouraging residents to follow a ‘four steps to save’ food waste journey to develop better habits.

The ‘four steps to save’ plan provides advice and guidance on planning, shopping, storing and eating which will give those wanting to cut down on their food waste the information and tools needed to do so.

By signing up to receive hints and tips on making the most of your food via email for five weeks and taking part in two quick surveys, residents could win a cooking experience and meal out, courtesy of WasteAware. You can find more information, including T&Cs here.

The campaign follows a study in 2020 by the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership which showed that around 24% of the rubbish in Hertfordshire’s refuse bins was made up of food that could have been eaten.

Councillor Tim Hoskin, Executive Member for Environmental Sustainability at East Herts Council said: "Household budgets are being stretched by the rising costs of living, including the increasing cost of food. This means it’s more important than ever to reduce the food we throw away. Reducing your food waste is a really simple, cost-saving way to live more sustainably and help cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

While weekly food collections are on their way for East Herts residents from spring 2025, this is intended for unavoidable waste such as vegetable peel and eggshells. Throwing away food that could have been eaten has a huge impact on the environment, wasting all of the land, fertiliser, transport, water, and more needed to grow the food. Wasted edible food also generates around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. By following WasteAwares’ simple 4 Steps to Save on the #WorthSaving website, residents can find lots of simple tips to reduce food waste at home.

To find out more and enter the prize draw, visit and sign up to the #WorthSaving challenge to receive weekly tips and guidance on how to reduce food waste over the course of five weeks.

Complete the survey before and after the challenge to enter the prize draw.