Parking and waste collection changes agreed

Front on wheelie bin lined up on street
East Herts District Council agreed key changes to parking and waste collections at a meeting yesterday evening (Tuesday, 25 October).

From 2025, the council will introduce a new weekly collection of food waste and move to collect refuse bins for general waste every three weeks. The council will also begin to accept soft plastics as part of fortnightly recycling collections and supply a smaller 180L size replacement for refuse bins when they are lost or damaged.

Recycling and waste services are currently provided through a shared service and contract with North Herts Council, which last night also agreed to three-weekly collections.

The changes will reduce waste and increase recycling, as well as reduce pressure on budgets as the council seeks to cope with at least £4m worth of extra financial pressure over the next few years.

The meeting also saw the Executive approve a revised set of parking proposals, which following consultation in the summer seek to balance financial constraints with the comments raised. From January 2023, in its three largest towns - Bishop’s Stortford, Ware and Hertford - the council will introduce Sunday charging at a flat all-day rate of £1.50 and put evening charges in place up to 8pm.

Proposals to remove free parking periods have been deferred in response to residents’ concerns and will be considered as part of the council’s wider budget setting process.

Councillor Graham McAndrew, Executive Member for Environmental Sustainability, said: “Last night, we agreed changes that will help us respond to two significant challenges: the environmental impact of how we collect and dispose of waste, and the intensified pressure on local government finances.

“We have heard concerns raised by some residents about their refuse bins and I would like to reassure those residents that by removing food waste and soft plastics, we are confident they will see a big difference in the space they need for non-recyclables. 

“That said, we do understand there are some households that produce more waste which cannot be recycled – such as those living in larger households, those with multiple children using nappies, or people with other special waste needs – and we will have service options in place to help them.

“I would also like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to us on the parking proposals; your feedback has been reflected in the revised plans, which we will now work towards putting in place for January 2023.”

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