Much Hadham Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

graphis of a polling box with paper being inserted - blue background and inserted into the background is a circle with a sign that shows the sign for Much Hadham
The Much Hadham Neighbourhood planning Referendum will take place on 23 June.

Full details are published on our website.  

Residents are advised that polling cards, detailing where to vote, were posted yesterday (17 May).  If a resident is not yet registered to vote they must visit and register before midnight on 7 June to be able to vote in this referendum.  

Vote by post or proxy

All eligible voters are registered to vote at the polling station unless they have completed an application form to vote by post or proxy.  The deadlines for this referendum are as follows:

  • Deadline to apply to vote by post:         5pm, 08 June
  • Deadline to apply to vote by proxy:       5pm, 15 June

Details of how to apply to vote by post or by proxy can be found on our website:

Polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm on 23 June.