Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership empowers residents to tackle idling
Published 9th June 2022
Cartoon image of family for Clean Air day
Volunteers will take to the streets of East Herts throughout June at anti-idling events in support of Clean Air Day, educating motorists on the need to switch off their engines when stopped. These events are being supported by the Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership (HCCSP), of which East Herts is a member, through training and the provision of resources to communicate with motorists.

Air pollution is the environmental factor with the biggest impact on health in the UK, and Hertfordshire is no exception. Poor air quality can affect every part of the body and there is no safe level under which no effect is felt. Some communities are more vulnerable than others: children breathe more quickly than adults and their short stature puts them in direct line of highly toxic car exhausts.

Clean Air Day on 16 June 2022, offers an opportunity to engage with people about how we can all influence our surroundings by taking measures to reduce our pollution footprint as well as reducing our exposure to harmful pollutants. The national focus on Clean Air Day creates the opportunity for anyone to mark the occasion and be part of a bigger movement across the county and across the nation.

Cllr Graham McAndrew, Executive Member for Environmental Sustainability and Chair of HCCSP, said: “We have six Idling Action events taking place across East Herts for Clean Air Day 2022 – from schools and town centres to neighbours getting together on busy streets. Community events are vital in helping everyone understand how to help tackle air pollution, but switching off your engine also has other positive impacts, including reducing your impact on climate change and lowering fuel costs.

“Our teams regularly monitor air quality across the district as part of our commitment to improving air quality. We have introduced new bike racks and will be expanding our EV charging network in our car parks to over 60 this summer. All actions feed into our Climate Change Strategy, where we have pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.”

By choosing to focus on idling this Clean Air Day, all councils across Hertfordshire are creating a discussion around idling and linked subjects such as promoting cycling and walking. By working with partners and communities across the county, HCCSP aims to create changes for the better, making Hertfordshire a cleaner, greener, healthier county in which to live work and play.

If you’d like to get involved in future Idling Action events, please email helen.burridge@eastherts.gov.uk