Update on Hartham Leisure centre
Published 30th November 2021
Artist impression of the living wall at Hartham Leisure Centre
Work to refurbish the pool hall – part of the multi-million pound upgrade to Hartham Leisure Centre – will continue into 2022.

The council’s contractor, Cadman Construction, is facing an unforeseen technical issue that requires further investigation. This investigation will take place in the coming weeks, after which we will be in a better position to confirm the timeline for reopening. 
Everyone Active will continue to offer swimming and swimming lesson bookings at both Fanshawe and Ward Freman swimming pools. You can get in touch by visiting their website, or calling 01920 466967 for Fanshawe or 0176 327 566 for Ward Freman.

We know how eager people are to swim in Hertford again and that is why we are working with Cadman to resolve this issue as swiftly as possible. We are grateful for your patience and will provide a further update in January.

To enable the next phase, we have worked to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place so that demolition and construction of the new extension will begin in the New Year.