Water-power scheme flows in right direction

Hydro sluice - 3 men standing next to the river
A scheme to create power using the fast-flowing water by Hertford Theatre will be submitted to the Environment Agency (EA) to review.

The micro hydro scheme would provide electricity for the theatre during its opening hours through a 12kw turbine at Castle Weir. When the theatre is closed, surplus power would go into the National Grid.

East Herts Council is submitting its scheme to the EA for technical comments on aspects, including a fish pass, an eel pass and fish screening methods.

Graham McAndrew, executive member for environment and the public space, said: "The submission to the Environment Agency marks an important step in progressing this fantastic scheme.  Once we've heard back from them and implemented any changes to our micro hydro scheme, we'll be able to move to the planning application stage."


March 11 2019