Unauthorised work taking place near Little Hadham update
Published 6th September 2019
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Earlier this year East Herts Council issued a high court injunction on the unauthorised development in Little Hadham. The defendants did not comply with the terms of this injunction and so the case went to court to be decided.


Update 26 September 

Yesterday  (Tuesday 24th September 2019) HHJ Judge Graham Wood QC imposed sentences upon the Defendants of 12 weeks imprisonment but suspended for 12 months.

The Judge did not require the Defendants to leave the site immediately pending their planning appeal.  The appeal will take place in November 2019 with an expected outcome to be decided in January 2020.

Whilst this is not the preferred outcome, the Council remain committed to seeking a successful resolution for the residents in the District.

Update 5 September 

Following a hard fought case by our legal team, today (5 September), HHJ Graham Wood QC delivered his verdict and we are pleased to confirm that the defendants were found in breach of the Injunction and that their application to vary/discharge the Injunction, granted by Mr Justice Lane on 20th April 2019, was dismissed.

The defendants have been ordered to leave the site and failure to do so will be taken into account at their sentencing hearing later this month.

Linda Haysey, Leader, East Herts Council said: "We are delighted with today's outcome. We take unlawful development in our district very seriously and I hope this will deter anyone else from acting without planning permission in future. I would like to thank all those involved for their dedication and hard work on this case."

For a full set of FAQs around the unauthorised work at Little Hadham, please see the Little Hadham page