Housing Policies and Strategies

The council has a duty to consider the housing needs of all the residents of the district and to produce and deliver strategic housing plans that set out the plans for tackling these needs.

East Herts Housing and Health Strategy 2016-2021

The East Herts Housing and Health Strategy 2016 - 2021 shows how we plan to make the most of the opportunities in East Herts for the next five years. In the longer term, we want to close the gap between housing need and supply and will use this plan period to work out how we can do this. The Housing Strategy covers all types of housing in the district both private and affordable.

East Herts will focus on a number of key priorities during 2019/20 period which can be seen within the East Herts Housing Priorities at a Glance - 2019/20 document.

The Homelessness and Homeless Prevention Strategy 2019 - 2024

The following Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Review and Strategy 2019-2024 takes a broad view of the full range of housing issues in East Herts, including homelessness and the partnerships the Council has with other agencies in the district to alleviate homelessness.

Tenancy Strategy

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a number of changes in social housing including placing a new duty on every local authority to publish a tenancy strategy. The strategy is to guide Registered Providers of social housing in the relevant area in formulating policies relating to:

(a) the kinds of tenancies they grant,

(b) the circumstances in which they will grant a tenancy of a particular kind,

(c) where they grant tenancies for a term, the lengths of the terms, and

(d) the circumstances in which they will grant a further tenancy on the coming to an end of an existing tenancy.

Registered Providers are obliged to have regard to the strategy when developing their own tenancy policies.

Housing Register and Allocations Policy

The Housing Register and Allocations Policy sets out how to apply for housing, how preference is awarded and how homes are allocated and can be found on our Apply for housing page.

Local Lettings Policies

Occasionally planning obligations set out criteria on the allocation of affordable housing that are different from those of the Housing Register and Allocations Policy. Typically, a restriction will apply in rural areas to affordable housing that has been built beyond a parish boundary specifically to meet the need of local households. For more information please see our Local Lettings Policy page.

Shared Ownership:Local Priorities Cascade

For more information on how the council prioritises households for shared ownership homes, please see our Shared Ownership: Local Priorities Cascade page.