Shared Ownership: Local Priorities Cascade

Details on Shared Ownership in East Herts.

Shared Ownership properties and information about how to apply can be found through Help to Buy - South.

East Herts Council has a Local Priorities Cascade for Shared Ownership properties which is effective from the 1 September 2015.

  1. Joint 1st Priority - Social housing tenant living in East Herts continuously for 12 months preceding. MOD personnel living in East Herts or had lived in East Herts before being posted elsewhere.
  2. Applicant currently resident and has done so continuously for 12 months preceding in East Herts; 1st priority non homeowner, 2nd shared owners needing to move to larger accommodation or home owners needing to move to larger accommodation; 3rd relationship breakdown where a person cannot afford to buy on the open market.
  3. Applicant with a local connection, for example with past residence (have lived in the district for 5 years) or close family association (parent/siblings/adult children who have lived continuously in the district for the last 5 years), to East Herts but not currently living or working in the district.
  4. Applicant permanently and currently employed for at least 1 year proceeding for over 16 hours per week in East Herts, but resident outside of East Herts.