Housing Assistance

There are two types of assistance available to those in private sector housing - Disabled Facilities Grants & Decent Homes Loans

Disabled Facilities Grants

Disabled Facilities Grants are to adapt homes to make them more suitable for disabled people to live in and manage independently. The grants are available to people who are registered, or registerable, as disabled. Stair lifts, level access showers and access works are among works which can be considered.

Disabled Facilities Grants are means tested on the applicant and their partner. Children under 16 or young persons up to their 20th birthday, If the parent/guardian is still entitled to Child Benefit, are not means tested. Owner occupiers, tenants and landlords on behalf of tenants can apply.

Owner occupiers, tenants and landlords on behalf of tenants can apply.

You will need to have an Occupational Therapist assessment. The Occupational Therapist will specify the necessary adaptations.

Adults - You can arrange an Occupational Therapist assessment online or call 0300 123 4042.

Children - For children contact Herts Childrens' Occupational Therapy on 01438 737782. Or visit the Children's Occupational Therapy page on the Hertfordshire NHS website.

More information can be found on the Government's Disabled Facilities Grant Leaflet and the Disabled Facilities Grants page on GOV.UK.

For more information on grants and the process please email hia@hertfordshire.gov.uk or call 01438 843467 or 01438 843948.

Decent Homes Loans

These are means tested discretionary loans of up to £30,000 to bring homes up to a decent standard.

They are for essential repairs such as to:

  • Make the property wind and weather-tight, e.g. re-roofing
  • Replace old, un-repairable or inefficient boilers
  • Remove hazards from your property as identified by the Housing Health and Safety Rating System*

This is the nationwide system by which Local Authorities assess the condition of a property. More information can be found on our Housing Health and Safety Rating System page.

Home owners and private tenants who have the responsibility of repairing the property can apply.

For more information please contact Environmental Health on 01279 655261 or email environmental.health@eastherts.gov.uk.

For information on all of the housing assistance we are able to provide, please see our Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy.