Members of Visiting Forces & other Organisations

A person is disregarded for Council Tax purposes if that person is associated, within the meaning of the Visiting Forces Act 1952, with a body, contingent or detachment of the forces of a country, to which the Act applies. 

A person has a relevant association with a visiting force if he or she is:

  • a member of that force, or a member of a civilian component of the force or
  • a dependant of a member, provided that the dependant is not a British citizen or is not ordinarily resident in the UK.

If any person who would be liable to pay the Council Tax is a person associated with a visiting force, the property is exempt, even though other people may also live there. 

This disregard applies where the person associated with the visiting force is not a liable person for Council Tax (for example, where a member of a visiting force is lodging in a property). 

Members of International HQs and Defence Organisations

A person is disregarded for Council Tax if they are a member, or a dependant of a member, of an international headquarters or defence organisation. 

The organisations concerned are those currently designated by an Order in Council under the International Headquarters and Defence Organisations Act 1964.

The council will periodically carry out a review of discounts and may send you a form to confirm whether it still applies. If you do not return the form your discount may be cancelled. 

Please note: Failing to supply information or supplying false information could result in a penalty of £70 being applied to your account for each year of the failure to notify.

To apply please complete the following Council Tax Disregard Form

If you would like to tell us about a change in circumstance that means you no longer qualify for a discount or exemption, please see our change in circumstances form