Members of Religious Communities

You may be disregarded for Council Tax purposes if you're a member of a religious community.

In order to qualify the principal occupation of the religious community should consist of:

  • prayer
  • contemplation
  • education
  • the relief of suffering
  • or any combination of the above, and
  • has no income of capital of his own, (disregarding any income by way of a pension in respect of former employment) and
  • is dependent on the community to provide for his material needs.

This class could include monks and nuns living in a monastery or a convent but also includes members of any religion living in a religious community.  To apply, please complete our online form

The council will periodically carry out a review of discounts and may send you a form to confirm whether it still applies. If you do not return the form your discount may be cancelled. 

Please note: Failing to supply information or supplying false information could result in a penalty of £70 being applied to your account for each year of the failure to notify.

If you would like to tell us about a change in circumstance that means you no longer qualify for a discount or exemption, please see our change in circumstances form