Vision and Corporate Priorities

East Herts Council’s Corporate Plan sets out the strategic direction for the council, and demonstrates our commitment to putting our communities at the heart of all our work.

Over the next four years our corporate vision is:

East Herts: A place to grow

Our vision is supported by four priorities. Watch our video for a visual representation of our priorities, or read below for a full description.

Video file
Our corporate plan - 2020 -2024

Please note this video does not contain any sound.

Our priorities 

Our priorities and how we will deliver them:

Sustainability at the heart of everything we do

  • We will make changes to how the council manages its own premises, people and services
  • We will use our regulatory powers to promote action by others
  • We will influence and encourage others to be more environmentally sustainable

Enabling our communities

  • We will invest in our places
  • We will ensure all voices in the community are heard
  • We will support our vulnerable residents

Encouraging economic growth

  • We will develop new sources of income
  • We will support businesses growth
  • We will create viable places

Digital by design

  • We will improve the customer experience for those who use council services
  • We will work with partners to ensure our communities are digitally enabled

Each year the Council updates its plan to take account of progress and any changes in priorities. This is the updated plan for 2022/23.