Annual Reports

East Herts Council produces Annual Reports. The Annual Report is published yearly and summarises what we have achieved.

Annual Report 

The latest report outlining what the council has done and how it has performed can be found below.


Our previous annual report highlight videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Scrutiny Annual Reports

The aim of scrutiny is to provide an open and transparent forum in which your elected councillors, sitting in public, can review the work of the council to check that policies and services are meeting the priorities and the needs of local people.   The latest report can be found below

Previous Scrutiny Reports

Annual Audit Letter

East Herts Council is audited annually.  Please see the latest report here

Previous Audit Reports

RIPA Statistics

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). In the course of its statutory duties the Council is required to protect the public from unlawful criminal activity and harm. RIPA permits the Council to obtain private information about someone that is necessary, proportionate and compatible with human rights whilst being non intrusive.

The Council can apply RIPA's guidelines and codes for covert surveillance, communications data and CHIS (covert human intelligence source).

RIPA Authorisation Statistics are shown below for the last 3yrs of Cancellation from 14 September 2013:

Table of RIPA Statistics
Date of authorisation Amount Type of authorisation/Method Subject / Criminal Investigation Area within EH Designated Department and Section
2018 Nil - - - -
2017 Nil - - - -
2016 Nil - - - -
2015 Nil - - - -
2014 1 Directed Surveillance (Camera) Fly tipping Hertford Road, Tewin  Customer & Community Services/Environmental Services 
2013   Nil - - - -