Resident Parking Permits

East Herts Council manage a number of resident permit parking schemes within certain areas of the district. This ensures local residents have the opportunity to park within close proximity to their household. A resident permit will be valid for 12 months and after this time, we will email you to see if you would like to renew your permit at the same price as a new application.

East Herts Council manages a number of resident permit parking schemes to help ensure residents in town centre areas have the opportunity to park at or near their home. Resident parking permits are usually valid for a period of 12 months, at which point they must be renewed.

To obtain a resident parking permit you need to provide documentary evidence that you live within a permit zone and that the vehicle(s) in question is registered to your address. In most scheme areas you may buy a maximum of two permits per household.

Visitor Vouchers

Visitor vouchers can also be purchased and the number of visitor hours per annum varies between schemes. Please note that visitor parking hours are not valid in East Herts Council car parks. Permit and visitor parking charges are reviewed annually.

Resident permits and visitor parking are managed through our online permit management system.

To do this you need to set up an online account

The online system allows you to:

  • Purchase and/or renew parking permits.
  • Amend vehicle details on existing permits
  • Purchase virtual visitor parking hours
  • Register visitor vehicle details, allowing them to park.

Please see our handy guides to the right of this screen under Documents. For further help please visit our Resident Parking Permit Frequently Answered Questions page. If you still need assistance, please see our Contact us page

If you are moving out of a permit zone, a pro-rata refund for complete unused months is available. Please complete our online residents parking refund permit form.

Location of Resident Parking Schemes

Bishop's Stortford

Stansted Road Scheme (B1) - Cherry Gardens, Dolphin Way, Heron Court, Kingfisher Way, Kings Court, Kingsbridge Road, Kingsmead Road and Stansted Road

Dunmow Road Scheme (B2) - Dunmow Road, East Road, Elm Grove, Limes Crescent, Manor Road, Urban Road, Wayletts Drive and Wilton Close.

Windhill Scheme (B3) - Basbow Lane, Bells Hill, Church Street, King Street, Regency Close, The Stewarts, Windhill and Windhill Old Road.

Newtown Scheme (B4) - Apton Court, Apton Road, Chapel Row, Chestnut Close, Grove Place, Middle Row, Newtown Road, Oaktree Close, Portland Place, Portland Road, Royal Oak Gardens, Stacey Court and Vicarage Close.

Newtown Scheme (B5) – Bartholomew Road, Castle Street, The Chase, Jervis Road, The Lindens, Nursery Road, Oak Street, Trinity Close, Trinity Street, Trinity Way, South Street, Stort Road and Wharf Road.

Chantry Scheme (B7) - Alpha Place, Barrells Down Road, Bryan Road, Carrigans, Chantry Road, Chantry Close, Cricketfield Lane, Elm Road, Hadham Road, Half Acres, Lindsey Road, Lindset Close, North Terrace, Northgate End, Pinelands, Rye Street, Stane Close, Thornfield Road and Willow Close.

Southmill Road (B8) - London Road, Mill Street, Southmill Road and Twyford Road


Folly Island Scheme (H1) – The Folly, Thornton Street, Old Hall Street, Riverside and Frampton Street.

Chambers Street Scheme (H2) - Chambers Street

Hertford East Scheme (H3) – Holden Close, Marshgate Drive, Mead Lane, Priory Street, Railway Street, St John’s Street, Townshend Street, Villiers Street, Ware Road, Railway Place, Talbot Street and Davies Street.

Stanstead Road Scheme (H4) – Stanstead Road


Church Street Scheme (W1) – Church Street

Coronation Road Scheme (W2) – Baldock Street, The Bourne, Crib Street, Coronation Road, Century Road and Church Street