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Bishop's Stortford

The Landowners and Developers of the allocated sites in the District Plan have submitted information to East Herts Council to support their site allocations. Below are the submissions made in relation to a number of the allocated sites in Bishop's Stortford.

BISH5: Bishop's Stortford South

DocumentSourceDate Received

Vision Document [9MB]

Countryside Properties15 December 2016

Transport Briefing Note [7MB]

Countryside Properties24 February 2015

Transport Technical Note [6MB]

Countryside Properties24 November 2014

Meeting Note [124KB]

Countryside Properties8 October 2014

Delivery Study Submission [163KB]

Countryside Properties8 August 2014

Site Brochure [8MB]

Countryside Properties8 August 2014

Transport Briefing Note [329KB]

Countryside Properties 10 July 2014

Preferred Options Consultation Representation [373KB]

Hertfordshire and Essex High School and Science College21 May 2014

Preferred Options Consultation Representation [295KB]

The Bishop's Stortford High School16 May 2014

Meeting Note [201KB]

East Herts Council5 May 2014

BISH7: The Goods Yard

DocumentSourceDate Received

Transport Note [54KB]

Hertfordshire County Council21 November 2014

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting Note [145KB]

East Herts Council13 November 2014

Goods Yard Policy Advice [204KB]

Peter Brett Associates7 November 2014

Link Road Report [166KB]

Peter Brett Associates5 November 2014

Letter [56KB]

Savills31 October 2014

Technical Note regarding Link Road [3MB]

Solum Regeneration31 October 2014

Site Plan [250KB]

Solum Regeneration31 October 2014

Meeting Note [223KB]

East Herts Council1 July 2014

BISH9: East of Manor Links

DocumentSourceDate Received

Scheme Layout [1MB]

Weston Homes11 November 2016

Transport Note (Part One) [13MB]

Transport Note (Part Two) [3MB]

Weston Homes11 November 2016

Delivery Study Information Pack [26MB]

Weston Homes18 August 2014

Tier 1 Desktop Study [6MB]

Appendix 1- Landmark Envirocheck Report [10MB]

Appendix 2- Historical Maps [18MB]

Appendix 3- Geology Maps [1MB]

Appendix 4- Groundwater Vulnerability Maps [1MB]

Appendix 5- Site Sensitivty Maps [1MB]

Appendix 6- Proposed Sampling Location Plan [471KB]

Appendix 7- Site Walkover Checklist [1MB]

Weston Homes18 August 2014

Access Strategy [2MB]

Weston Homes30 June 2014

Highways Access Email [35KB]

Weston Homes30 June 2014

Transport Information Letter [1MB]

Weston Homes30 June 2014

Wildlife Site Survey Results [1MB]

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust3 December 2014

BISH10: The Mill Site


SourceDate Received

Site Plan [390KB]

Rapleys on behalf of Silver Spoon15 December 2016

Site Plan [357KB]

Rapleys on behalf of Silver Spoon22 May 2014