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Hertford Urban Design Strategy (HUDS)

Improvement works on Bull Plain have started (as of 11th February) and we expect all works to be complete before the Easter weekend. Traffic Management plans for the duration of the works are attached in the downloads section for further information.  We are currently working to the Phase 3 Traffic Management plan

The Hertford Urban Design Strategy (HUDS) has been created by Hertfordshire County Council, East Herts Council and Hertford Town Council and sets out plans to make much needed improvements to centre of Hertford. To find out what is happening read our frequently asked questions.

Latest Updates

  • Evron Place has now been re paved and work is finished
  • The bulk of works on Bull Plain / Railway St will be finished by the Easter weekend when we anticipate the roads opening again
  • There will be some ongoing snagging work in the following week or two
  • The experimental TRO for the pedestrianisation of Maidenhead Street (and the operation of the gates to coincide with this) will commence on Monday 13th May 2019.  Please see the following HUDS Gate Notice Document [115KB] for more details on gate operation


What is happening on Maidenhead Street?

We will be making a number of improvements to Maidenhead Street, these include:

  • Reversal of the one way on Maidenhead Street with no right turn at the end of The Wash (to dissuade unauthorised access to Maidenhead St from The Wash).
  • Creation of an easier crossing area with a raised crossing at the junction between Maidenhead St and The Wash to increase the pedestrian feel of the area and to promote connectivity between Hertford East Railway Station and Hertford Theatre.
  • Removal of the 12 parking bays in Bull Plain and a 'no waiting at any time' at the junction with Bull Plain to reduce traffic created by cars looking for spaces to park  and to protect the junction from inconsiderate parking. The three disabled parking bays will be retained.
  • Prohibiting cars from entering Maidenhead Street between 09:30am and 5:30pm to create a dedicated area for pedestrians and shoppers.
  • Resurfacing Maidenhead Street in line with the guidance in the Hertford Urban Design Strategy.

The aim is to improve the environment for shoppers and others who use the town, and to encourage investment into the street.

Why are the councils making these changes?

Residents have told us about a number of issues with Maidenhead Street, from illegal parking and dangerous driving, to the look of the street. We have listened to these concerns and believe that this strategy will begin to tackle these issues. We will continue to work with residents and business in Hertford to ensure we get this right.

How much will this cost?

£1million funded jointly by East Herts Council, Hertford Town Council and the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

How will this impact the businesses on Maidenhead Street?

There will be some disruption during the planned works however we are working closely with businesses to minimise the impact of this. We hope that the improvements planned will encourage investment and shoppers into the area which will have a long term positive impact on the existing businesses.

When will work begin?

Work on Maidenhead Street is due to begin in September 2018.

When will work end?

We expect work to be completed the end of March 2019.  There was a break over Christmas and work will now re-commence on the week commencing 11th February 2019 around Bull Plain and will last for approximately 14 weeks.

Will there be disruption to the roads while this is going on?

There will be some disruption to the roads during this period however we will be working with Highways and the construction team to ensure that the work is phased in such a way as to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Is there any other work planned?

The works on Maidenhead St, Bull Plain and The Wash are part of the wider Hertford Urban Design Study and we hope that they will be the first in a number of ongoing improvements to Hertford town centre.

Will you be removing of disabled parking bays?

Part of the change proposed to Maidenhead Street is to remove the exemption for Disabled Badge Holders to access the street between 09:30am and 5.30pm. The provision of three Disable Parking Bays in Bull Plain is being kept, to mitigate this restricted access.

What is happening with the loading bays?

Loading bays will be created at either end of Maidenhead Street. One of these bays will be in the existing lay by on The Wash, which will require the relocation of the current bus stop. The new bus stop will be adjacent to the existing Northbound bus stop on The Wash. In turn, this will require the removal of the existing taxi bays and some of the parking bays currently on The Wash at the bridge.

At what times will Maidenhead Street be pedestrian only?

Maidenhead Street will be pedestrian only between 09:30am and 5.30pm.


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