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Public & Environmental Health

Our Environmental Health team aim to ensure the safety, health and welfare of the residents, visitors and workers of East Herts. This is achieved by delivering a range of high quality, specialist services.

Pest Control

From 1 July 2018 the Council will be providing pest control services for vulnerable residents only.

Private Water Supplies

Not everyone receives their water from the mains; some properties in East Herts get their water from private boreholes. You can find details here about how we go about ensuring that the water is safe to drink.

Workplace Safety

Health and Safety legislation applies to everyone, whether you are an employer, employee, self-employed, a contractor, visitor to a workplace or member of the public who may be affected by work activities.

Environmental Health Fees & Charges

Each year the Environmental Health team reviews its fees and charges to ensure they are in line with the Council's Fees and Charges Strategy.

Environmental Health - Enforcement

Much of the work undertaken by Environmental Health is influenced by legislation and codes of practice.

Environmental Health Customer Survey

The Environmental Health team are continually working to improve the way we work. One important way we can do this is to listen to your feedback. If you have recently used our service, you can complete a short survey here.

Public Registers

Where possible we aim to publish our public register of licences online, however this is not always possible. If they are not available online you can contact Environmental Health on 01279 655261 to arrange an appointment to view the public register.

Public Burials

The Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 places a statutory duty on the District Council to make arrangements for registering the death and making funeral arrangements in cases where there are no known relatives or friends able to make the necessary arrangements.